Black Hereford History

Why a Black Hereford? 

Most ranchers breed for black baldies when using Hereford bulls on black hided animals.  The primary benefit of using a Black Hereford Bull versus a Red Hereford bull on black hided cows is that you virtually eliminate red baldies which bring lower sale prices at most auctions.  Many ranchers report that Their Red Hereford bulls will yield up to 40% red baldies.  This breed of Hereford can make ranchers more money at auction by eliminating the less profitable calves.  This was the primary motive behind the breed.

The American Black Hereford Association was established as a non-profit corporation in 1994. The first cattle to qualify for registration were recorded in 1997.  This new breed of cattle has been selected first and foremost for fertility. Bulls were selected for testicular size. Then maternal and calving ease traits were emphasized.  Obviously, to create a new breed of cattle from scratch requires calving heifers and turning generations as quickly as possible. Selections were made for milk, pelvic size and low birth weights.

In 2000, the association installed a customized breed software that tracks herd and breed wide performance data as well as carcass information.  It can generate purebred and composite pedigrees and can project EPDs and record EPD values.

In 2003, Black Herefords recieved international breed designation by the National Association of Animal breeders.

In 2005, the breed developed its own EPD's Black Herefords are in short supply, but still reasonably priced to help expand the breed.   

Wikipedia link here:  Black Herefords 

Black Hereford BeefTM   Now Available!

Black Hereford Beef is an extremely tender and low fat beef that holds tremendous promise for beef lovers.  Pine Hill Ranch is currentlys selling USDA inspected beef from our Black Hereford sired animals.  Our family and friends have been spoiled by the flavor and tenderness of this beef!  Normally a ranch raised steer that is processed and flash frozen requires a bit of getting used to as most Americans are used to aged beef.  Many times the tenderness is not there.  Black Hereford Beef is unbelievable good - many ranchers who have raised their own beef and then tried some of our Black Hereford Beef agree...and they know the difference!    

We are currently selling USDA inspected Burger, Sirloin and round steaks from our Black Hereford sired stock available to area residents for pick up either in Mineola, TX or Dallas, TX.  Our burger is not a mixture of miscellaneous trimmings from a variety of animals ground together with added fat.  We process the roasts and premium cuts into our burger with only the fat from those cuts used in the process.  No chemically altered processed fats!  This yields a lean and flavorful product that makes our burger "steak like".  

 Click here for more information. or call Vic at (214) 728-6963.

Black Hereford Beef